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Saturday June 19 2021 
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Apr 20, 2021, 11:55 am

The 2021 Clearview Men's Club golf season NOTES: 

  •       A Clearview Mens Club meeting was held on Wednesday June 16 at the Clearview Golf Course. Minutes of that meeting are posted on the website. 
  •       The club needs to determine where the snake money will be donated. If any member has a charity or organization they wish to be considered, please get the appropriate info from that orgsnization and get it to the BOG by the next meeting (August)
  •       Upcoming schedule:

June 20 - Father's Day Tournament - Stroke Play - 90%

June 27 - Rescheduled Memorial Day Tournament (rain out) -  check Tournament Schedule tab for format.

  •       The Magnotta / Demasi Partners tournament has been rescheduled for August 22. Single round, 90%, combined net score.

  •       Congratulations to Rob Pellegrino and Gerri Lanci on winning the Partners Best Ball Trournament 3 & 1 over Billy Lombardo and Pete Jonker in a very competitive match.
  •       Please extend a warm welcome to our newest member to the club, Harinder "Hari" Singh. Hari qualified this past Sunday and looks to be a good addition to an already great group of guys and players. Play well all. 

Mar 5, 2021, 7:56 pm

 Clearview sign up and payment procedure:

      When you sign up on the website, you need to indicate if you are OUT of the Skins and / or Sweeps.

      Thursday morning the pairings or tournament chairman will post tee times.

      Thursday evening, updated Handicaps and Handicap Allowance Table will be posted.

      Payment of greens fees will be done on an individual basis. The 'check in' can take a litle bit of time so, please allow enough time (in addition to the regular 30 minutes prior) to complete your transaction. Credit cards only at this time. 


      This year dues will remain the same as last year. $275 for regular membership and $150 for lifetime membership.

      All members dues are due by May 1st. Remember, a member is not allowed to partake in a tournament or club activities if dues are not paid.



In light of the possibility of NOT being able to assemble as a group to hold a meeting.....

Please mail your dues: 

$275 for members and $150 for lifetime members.

Check Payable to: Clearview Golf Club

and mail to:

Jerry Lanci

2 Spencer Drive



Bethpage, NY 11714


This year 2 new tournaments are being introduced:

1) The first is the Magnotta / Demasi Partners Tournament. Not to be confused with the Partners Best Ball Tournament, it is a one day partners tourney.

2) The Clearview Cup Tournament. It is formated very similiar to the FedEx cup. Points will be given out for playing each week, for winning positions in sweeps and for winning positions in both major and minor tournaments. At some point near the end of season there will be a final tournament for the top 4 point getters up to that tournamnent. Prizes will be awarded based on that tournament. Scoring and additional info will be forthcoming shortly. Stay tuned. 


This year we are also starting a skins competition. It will only be a handicap format (probably just this year). We are using a 70% handicap allocation so that no one will be geting more than a single stroke per hole. When you sign up to play, you are IN this competition unless you say NO. It is the Captain's responsibility (1st player posted on the tee sheet) to collect your 4somes sweeps and skins before the round, mark the tee sheet on table in pub area for your 4some. After round hand in scorecard, sweeps and snakes to chairmen (A. Miro or B. Lombardo). Thank you


Golf Green Fees:
Aug 25, 2020, 10:58 am

This is a recent article written by Brian Fanno and published in Golf Magazine Long Island. Thanks Brian for getting our club the exposure.



Club Officers:

President  -  Russ Cozzetto

Vice-Pres. -  Steve Perez

Secretary -  Rich Doris

Treasuer  -  Jerry Lanci


Board of Governors:

2019  -  Rob Pellegrino

2019  -  Brian Fanno

2020  -  Rick Steckmeister

2020  -  Brian Huggard

2021  -  Ted Lotti

2021  -  Wade Wnek


Tournaments  -  Sal Trentacosti

Membership  -  Brian Fanno

Pairings  -  Rob Pellegrino

Handicaps  -  Rich Doris

Sweeps / Skins  -  Al Miro

Parings will post wed. Night after 8 pm

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