Clearview Golf Club
Wednesday May 12 2021 
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May 16, 2021

 Partners best ball round 1

Match play 90% 

Skins - Snakes - Clearview Cup (SSC)

Torrnament matches in bold

Play well


06:09 Ortiz Miguel Steckmeister Rick Metzger Chuck Corvalan Alberto
06:18  Doris Rich  Dimalante Paul   Trentacosti Sal  Fanno Brian     
06:27  Pellegrino Rob  Lanci Jerry  Perez Steve         Wnek Wade
06:36   Jonker Peter  Lombardo Billy  Hansen Mitch
 Hester Rich
06:45  Devlin Ian  Huggard Brian  Cleary Dennis  Cano Miguel
06:54  Cozzetto Russ  Miro Al          Small Terry  Linder Al
07:03  Mattes Steve  Catmak Oscar  Cirone Gary  


 Captains: We need to be more diligent with the scorecards.

 Scorecards need to be signed and attested to by another member of the foursome and snakes need to be posted on the back as well.

Our laxity in this area is causing undo confusion among those handling the scoring and competition. Thx.

Lift clean and place one club length - Fairway and Greenside apron.

(Foursomes disgretion as to fairway / rough border) 

Sand Traps can be Smoothed out and ball placed.

Please fix your ball mark on the green and 1 additional one. Thx.

Parings will post wed. Night after 8 pm

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