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Tuesday August 04 2020 
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Club Championship Qualifying August 9th
Jul 27, 2020, 7:55 am

August 9th we'll start the Qualifying for the Club Championship.

A, B & C.  Please Post if you plan on Qualifying.

2020 Golf season
Jul 3, 2020, 10:19 am

To avoid confussion, I will be posting handicaps on this site for Forrest Park Golf Course until we return to Clearview.

Ok fellas we have a season. We made an agreement with Forest Park Golf course in Glendale to be our temporary host course. They have given us 24 spots for July 12 and the forseeable future.If we need more spots for the 19th it won't be a problem. I have to give them a total head count by Thursday and pay for it at that time. On sunday you have to reimburse the club. The greens fee is $57 including the $4 reservation fee. Carts can be purchased seperatly at the course the day of play for $21.

We intend to play on the 12th Qualifer for Partner's BB and on the 19th we will start our Round#1 for partners best ball Tournamemt. You can start posting your teams whenever you are ready. Dues will be payable now that we have a course to play. 


Jun 27, 2020, 6:25 pm
And welcome back to golf in New York City!  Finally!!!  This email is being sent to all the weekly leagues, as well as groups who play here multiple times each year.  As we prepare to open on Monday, June 29th, we have been working to figure out the best way to handle the operation within the guidelines handed down by New York City Parks.  A copy of what I received is attached. 
Pre Round
  • All rounds must be prepaid at the time of booking, which includes league play.  At other American Golf properties, the best practice has been to have one person in the league collect the money from the rest of the players, and then call in to confirm the number of players and make payment for the players over the phone.  Venmo seems to be the best way to collect from the league participants so you’re not on the hook if someone doesn’t show up to play.  We will not be able to take individual calls for league play as it will take too long to handle everyone individually.
  • Also, when confirming and paying for the players, we will need the count and payment before noon two days prior to the day of play.  With the tee times being spread to 12-minute intervals, we are operating with about 60% of our usual availability, and will need to open up the extra slots.  For example if you call in with eleven players, you will have two foursomes and one threesome.  The extra slot in the threesome will be released to the public for booking.  I know this will put some pressure on the league players to be fully committed, but two days in advance is a reasonable time frame to expect a decision to be made.
  • Please note the ‘pre-round’ guidelines in the attached.  When you arrive at the course, please stay in the parking lot until 15-minutes prior to your tee time.  You may then head to the back of the clubhouse and wait until your time is called.  You will not check in the pro shop prior to golf.  The clubhouse will be open for restroom and pro shop use only.  We will continue to operate the pro shop out of the bar as it has more open space to allow to appropriate social distancing.
  • If you need anything from the pro shop (balls, gloves, sealed beverages, you may enter the pro shop  adhering to social distancing.  You will be required to wear a mask or face covering at all times in the clubhouse.
  • The practice green is closed.
  • Please note that there is absolutely no walk-up play.  All players must have a tee time booked and prepaid before showing up to the course.
During the Round
  • Please do not approach the starter until your time is called, and then only one group is allowed on the tee at a time. 
  • All golfers will have their own cart unless they cohabitate. 
  • Cups will be raised so please do not touch the flag sticks.  There will be no rakes for the bunkers, water coolers, ball washers, or the port-o-let on the course at this time.
Post Round
  • All golfers must leave the course immediately following play.  You may not wait at the 18th green for other groups to come off the course.
Food & Beverage
  • The kitchen and bar will not be open for business when we open.  As mentioned, when you need something from the pro shop, there will be sealed drinks (water, soda, Gatorade, beer) and snacks (chips, candy bars) available for purchase to take out with you to the course.
  • I hope to have the kitchen open in 2-3 weeks with outdoor seating, but right now we’re just trying to get the course open for golf.
  • Our staff will be wearing masks and gloves during all guest interaction.
  • Please be respectful of the social distancing guidelines (6’) when interacting with staff.
  • Every day they work, our staff will sign off to the following:
    • That they have had no COVID-19 symptoms in the past two weeks
    • That they have not contracted COVID-19 in the past two weeks
    • That they have not been in the company of anyone who has contacted COVID-19 in the past two weeks
  • If the manager suspects someone has COVID-19 or is showing symptoms, we will have them removed from work until tested
  • Please adhere to the same standards when coming to play in order to help keep everyone safe.
Golf Fees
  • Unfortunately, the course didn’t come out of the closure in as good a condition as we expected and we are reducing the rates for the time being.
    • All riding rack rates are reduced by 50%
      • Weekend
        • Morning - $35.75
        • Afternoon - $29.25
        • Twilight (after 4:00) - $24.25
      • Weekday
        • Morning - $30.75
        • Afternoon - $25.75
        • Twilight (after 4:00) - $23.25
        • Senior - $22.75
        • Senior Walking - $20.00
    • Player’s Club monthly dues will not start until mid-July
    • Player’s Club members will continue to pay the normal rates and receive a beverage or can use the reduced rack rates
    • All these rates will have the $4 reservation fee and applicable sales tax added at the time of booking.
  • There is no expected time frame for when the rates will return to normal fees
  • Parking fees will not be collected immediately when we reopen.  This is also a temporary situation and I don’t have an estimated time frame for when we will start collecting again.
Booking Tee Times
  • League tee times will be reserved as usual.  Please let me know what date you would like to start, preferred tee time, and number of times to reserve.  Again, please have someone set up Venmo/PayPal or other method to collect for the league players as we will not be able to handle the number of phone calls to collect payment.
  • To book non-league tee times:
    • For Rack Rate Players, you will need to book your times at The discounted rate will be posted and you will be required to prepay at the time of booking.
    • For Senior Play or Player’s Club Members, you will have to call into the shop to book times.  When booking the tee time, you will be required to give a credit card, which will be charged at the time of booking.
      • Please note, state issued identifications will be required at tee time to confirm that you are a senior, or the Player’s Club membership card will need to be shown to confirm membership
Suggested Local Rules
  • Because of the course conditions, please consider local rules to help pace of play and overall enjoyment of the round.  These rules are at the discretion of the league.
    • Any ball lost in the high grass should be played as a lateral hazard.
    • Balls in the bunkers may be moved if in a bad lie (foot print, divot)
    • Automatic two putt on #12 if you get with 3’ of the hole.

May 27, 2014, 3:56 pm

 CLICK ON THE "CLUB ROSTER+" Tab.   Then current roster tab. A "P" will appear in the 2020' dues column for checks I have received. 



In light of the possibility of NOT being able to assemble as a group and hold a meeting.....

Please mail your dues:







$275 members, $150 lifetime members.                                                


Check Payable to:


Clearview Golf Club



Mail check to:


Dennis Katsefes


149-43 22nd Avenue


Whitestone, NY 11357


The Atlantic City golf trip has been cancelled due to the effects of the virus.  Refunds will be available on the first Sunday play at Clearview. Stay safe.




*** Important Info ***

 **** Starting Jan 1, 2020 the World Handicap System kicks in ****

You may see a slight change to your index on that start date. That is normal as under the new system, only your best 8 score differentials instead of 10 are being used.

**** Check out the new tab "2019 Rule Change Info" for information regarding the changes. There is a link at the bottom of that tab that will allow you to get a rules app for your phone and another that has video explanations of the rules.


Please note -

1) Tournament Schedule is online under the Tournament Schedule & Results tab. Plan accordingly.

2) See Rob Pellegrino to enter the hole-in-one pool. 


** SWEEPS -  New procedure **

Captains (1st player posted on the tee sheet) responsibility, Collect your 4somes sweeps before round, mark the tee sheet on table in pub area for your 4some. After round hand in scorecard, sweeps and snakes to chairmen (A. Miro or B. Lombardo). Thank you



Parings will post wed. Night after 8 pm

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